Join the party with this awesome party hat...uh...I mean cap!

This is a nice and comfy 5 panel cap, available in four different color stitching.
Light green for the less obvious party animal and a neon yellow stitching for the ones that are dancing on the table after one drink.

NEW COLORS! Pastel pink for the sweeties that pours everybody drinkg and light gray for the more serious party animal that is only talking about their latest hyperfixation.

Hand stamped ringer shirts. Every shirt is unique.
Best worn in awkward social events.
Perfect conversation starter or excuse not to talk at all.

ATTANTION: The fit is tighter than normal shirts. So probably order a size bigger when you don't want it to be to snug.

Cheecky little succubus is waiting for you!

Sticker: Matte
Size: 10cm x 8cm


Hotdamnnnn look at all those party animals! 

This stickerpack includes all 3 party animals.
The Lone Wolf, Sneaky Snake and Drunk Tiger.

He sneaks away without saying goodbye.

Sticker: Matte
Size: 10cm x 8,5cm

He says he's tipsy but he's blackout drunk.

Sticker: Matte
Size: 10cm x 7,5cm

Lone Wolf Party


Lone Wolf Party


Stands alone in the corner but ejoys himself.

Sticker: Matte
Size: 10cm x 9cm