Steffie Storms

I am a storyteller who does not commit to one medium, although my favorites being wood, clay, film and resin. My work is very personal and often driven by my neuro divergent brain. 
I'm a rebel that likes rules. Not those vague rules set by society, but the rules set by subcultures.

Origin story

I was about 6 years old when I attended my first funeral. While sitting there next to my parents I realised that nobody lives forever. I cried my little eyes out. Not because I was sad this far uncles passed away, no I didn't even remember what he looked like, but because of the idea that nobody would ever knew I existed. 

Back home I ran to my dad's office, grabbed a big black marker and put it safely in my pocket. 
From that moment on I felt the urge to leave my name everywhere I went so I would not be forgotten.

At age 9, I was playing outside with this kid from my neighbourhood. He found a graffiti can in the bushes. We ran to his house. I was watching while he wrote the only english word he knew on the wall of his house. DEATH. His parents were furious! But I found it fascinating.